Sunday, December 19, 2004

Baghdad Burning

Baghdad Burning

Her english is too good. I think this is a fraud. There are too many things she shouldn't know about christians, about churches, about American literature. This is written by a native english speaker or someone who has been in the Anglosphere a very long time. "Christmas miracles are exclusive to Dickens" sounds quite good. Also, the punctuation is fantastic. Most Americans can't do this kind of thing.

V-Day: afghanistan is everywhere

You too can join the oppressed!

"Until all women and girls are free from violence, women will continue to confront violence. We declare Afghanistan is Everywhere "

Let's reverse the sexes. "Until men are free from violence, men will continue to confront violence." Unless the guys feeding people into the plastic shredder are members of the Ba'athist party.

Maybe I missed the chadors and muttawas with steel rods beating women in the streets.

Iraq's 'Chemical Ali' undergoes interrogation

The gas chamber would be highly appropriate, don't you think?

Iraq's 'Chemical Ali' undergoes interrogation

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

ATRA :: Judicial Hellholes 2004

A list you don't want to make, unless you are a trial lawyer. Tort reform, anyone?

ATRA :: Judicial Hellholes 2004


Quality Islamic Justice

Well, she wouldn't be executed if she were a boy. After all, in the Iranian system, boys can't be executed before the age of 15 whereas girls could be executed at nine.

UPDATE: OK, she only has a mental age of 8.5. It's all good. /sarcasm

Friday, December 03, 2004

Miss World 2004: the official website - Contestants - Details

I took a look at the Miss World contestants. It served to increase my desire to travel to South America. I found the Chinese and Japanese contestants, well, ordinary. Couldn't they have found someone a little more glamorous? I mean, I have seen more attractive Asian women wandering around downtown Chicago.

Miss World 2004: the official website - Contestants - Details

The Editors on Intelligence Reform on National Review Online

Bipartisan legislation scares me. It tends to be made for tv crud devoid of redeeming value. Sort of like Sarbanes-Oxley.

The Editors on Intelligence Reform on National Review Online: "ed a thorough reevaluation of our intelligence system's capabilities and organization? Those days weren't so long ago, but they have been forgotten in the absurd rush in Washington to pass a massive centralization of U.S. intelligence months before the presidential commission charged with examining the Iraq intelligence failure and questions related to it has a chance to report.

President Bush named senior federal judge Laurence Silberman and former senator Charles Robb in February to head the bipartisan panel, the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is scheduled to report by March. Its work directly touches on the changes contemplated in the intelligence-reform bill that conventional wisdom in Washington deems it imperative to pass in days (if not hours). As the commission's website explains, it 'will provide recommendations for ensuring that the Intelligence Community is best equipped and organized to warn the United States Government' of futu"