Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Updates

Middle Eastern:

  1. House of Kebabs, Sunnyvale. Excellent Kebabs for about $11

  2. Kebab and Curry, Santa Clara, Cheap excellent Pakistani food in an atmosphere that's...authentic.

  3. Chelokebabi, Sunnyvale. Excellent, expensive Persian and kebabs.

  4. Kabul, Sunnyvale. Expensive Afghan food-, good service, white tablecloths 

  5. Falafel Stop - Sunnyvale

  6. Kan Zeman, Palo Alto. Cheap middle eastern food. Decent.

  7. Shah/Shan (Sunnyvale/Mtn View border). Excellent Pakistani food in a hole in the wall. Between a strip club and a tattoo parlor. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

  8. Shalimar (Sunnyvale/Mtn View border) Very good Pakistani food and slightly nicer than Shan.


  1. China Palace, Milpitas. Excellent hole in the wall. Open very late.  Try the crispy chicken, which is second only to R&G in San Francisco. On the first floor of the Ulferts Plaza Chinese mall.

  2. Ai Noodle - Cupertino - go for the spicy noodle soup, which everyone else is eating.
  3. Southland Flavor Cafe - Taiwanese classics in a Chinese mall.

  4. Pho Nam, Sunnyvale. Good Pho, at two locations. 
  5. Pho Wagon, on Hollenbeck. The best Pho in the area in my opinion.

  6.  Lemongrass Thai, Sunnyvale. In my opinion, the best Thai in Sunnyvale.


  1. Tia Juana, Sunnyvale

  2. Chavez Market, Sunnyvale. Taco stand in the back of an excellent Mexican market.

  3. Roberto's, downtown Sunnyvale.


  1. Saizo, Sunnyvale. Excellent chicken skewers and Izikaya.

  2. Nijaya Market, Mountain View (Sushi counter at Japanese grocery store
  3. Rokko - downtown Sunnyvale. Excellent, expensive Japanese food.


  1. Spice Hut, Sunnyvale - go for the Samosa,

  2. Saravana Bhavan, Sunnyvale Vegetarian Southern Indian Food. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.) Especially recommended: Executive meal, aka Thali plate. Go on a Friday/Saturday night for the full experience. Good for children.

  3. Shah  - Indo-Pakistani cuisine. Perhaps the best naan in the area, certainly one of the very best (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). 
  4. Amber Cafe, Mountain View, on el Camino. Especially recomnended is the Gobi Manchurian but everything is good.(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). 
  5. Aachi Appakadai - the spiciest Indian food around, specializes in Aapam rice pancakes and fish curries.(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). 


  1. Hobee's - one of the few places that serves brunch
  2. St. Johns, Sunnyvale - burgers, great evening and weekend specials.

  3. Palace Cafe, Sunnyvale

  4. Zeni (ethiopian), San Jose (Highly recommended)

Other Places

Starlite Dance Studio, Sunnyvale. Serious ballroom dance lessons.

Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club, Sunnyvale

Mechanic: Mountain View Radiator, Mountain View. Japanese car specialist.

Dentist: Dr. Stanley Lin, Kifer Park Dental,Sunnyvale