Monday, November 29, 2004

A fascinating view of city rank and importance by census year. We can see that there is a long term decline in certain cities. It takes 70-100 years for a city to decline into irrelavence. For example, look at Fall River MA. It was once a great city but it took 100 years to decline so far that it fell of the chart. Nantucket took 79 yeears. In hindsight, we can see that many of the cities which supposedly were wracked by racial problems in the 1960's actually were in a downward spiral far before that.

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Havel for UN Chief!

Hit and Run

If Vaclav Havel were put in a position of great international authority, I think I would cry tears of joy. Incidentally, this will be the first test of the blogosphere to not only to reacty to the MSM but to implant and influence ideas in actual policies. I hope this works!

Passengers complain about pat-down searches at airports

Next news story: "Tens of thousands apply for TSA screening jobs"

Passengers complain about pat-down searches at airports

Article: Africa's deserts are in "spectacular" retreat�| New Scientist

Funny how good news doesn't get reported. Now, when things go bad, it is A1 above the fold news, even if the news isn't 'new.'
Article: Africa's deserts are in "spectacular" retreat�| New Scientist

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Roger L. Simon: A North Korean Freedom Movement?

Another result of Bush's Re-Election: Samizdat against the North Korean tyrant. Can Freedom Fighters be far behind?

Roger L. Simon: A North Korean Freedom Movement?

I pray for the day when the butcher of Pyongyang is hung from a meathook.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Car Wax Test Results, NSeXcitement Magazine

Here is an interesting test of . Car Waxes Unfortunately, the one I use came in dead last. I'll continue to look around for something better,

Sunday, November 07, 2004

israelinsider: diplomacy: Suspicions grow that Arafat is dying of AIDS

israelinsider: diplomacy: Suspicions grow that Arafat is dying of AIDS: "that Arafat is dying of AIDS
By israelinsider staff November 6, 2004

Former White House speechwriter David Frum has joined the growing chorus of pundits, medical experts, and intelligence operatives who claim Yasser Arafat is likely suffering from AIDS.

Frum, a key figure in Republican politics and the man who coined the terms 'axis of evil,' writes in National Review Online that Arafat's undisclosed illness is well-known, but has been kept under wraps by the mainstream media.

'Speaking of media bias, here's a question you won't hear in our big papers or on network TV: Does Yasser Arafat have AIDS?' asks Frum, who also writes for the National Post.

'We know he has a blood disease that is depressing his immune system. We know that he has suddenly dropped considerable weight -- possibly as much as one-third of all his body weight. We know that he is suffering intermittent mental dysfunction. What does this sound like?'

Earlier, John Loftus told John Batchelor on ABC radio on October 26 that Arafat is dying from AIDS. Loftus said the CIA has known this about Arafat for quite awhile and that as a result the US has encouraged Sharon not to take Arafat out because the US has known Arafat was about done. It was deemed better to have Arafat discredited as a homosexual.

Although homosexuality is rife in the Arab world, it is at least officially considered a sin and a crime, and regarded--especially in fundamentalist circles--as a mark of great shame and depravity.

Intelligence on 'the tiger' romping with bodyguards
Frum pointed to KGB evidence linking Arafat to homosexual activities, citing a 1987 book by Lt.-Gen. Ion Pacepa, the deputy chief of Romania's intelligence service under Commu"

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Peaktalk - HEDONIST EUROPE: "So if the average European has become a pleasure-seeking individual devoid of a clear spiritual home you can probably sense how the slow abolition of the nation state and the embrace of the European Union impacts the citizenry. At a time when guidance, purpose and cultural identity would help mitigate the excesses of clueless atheist hedonism, Europeans are offered the uncertainly of a cultureless statist behemoth over which they have very little, if any, influence. "

Of course, they won't have the luxury of dissolving their culture into a warm goo of dissolution. Nobody has the spine to stop the coming of the Islamofascists. I wonder why nobody can see it coming. Europe, as in the Weimar era, cavorts in a warm sea of self indulgence while the storm gathers to wash away their comfortable existance.

Yahoo! News - U.S. Pounds Rebel Iraqi City, Aid Group Quits

It begins. Death to Terrorists!

Yahoo! News - U.S. Pounds Rebel Iraqi City, Aid Group Quits

Baseball Crank: POLITICS: Marginal Votes For Bush

Baseball Crank: POLITICS: Marginal Votes For Bush

Proof, and convincingly, that Bush's ground game and voter registration worked, and the Dems did not.

"When you put the numbers in that context, you see that Bush was actually hugely more successful at the margins in his combination of bringing new voters to the polls and convincing more people to switch to him than away from him. Remember that next time you hear that high turnout always and everywhere favors the Democrats."

THE BELGRAVIA DISPATCH: W. 43rd St. Revisionism Watch

Spin at the Times? In favor of Dem's? Who would have thunk it?

Losing it

An article in the nation, Losing it just a few days ago predicted that the Democrats would take back the house.

On average, Republicans were dead on in their assessment of the state of the races- and Democrats were dead wrong.

I guess the conservative echo chamber is more accurate than the liberal one.