Thursday, November 04, 2004


Peaktalk - HEDONIST EUROPE: "So if the average European has become a pleasure-seeking individual devoid of a clear spiritual home you can probably sense how the slow abolition of the nation state and the embrace of the European Union impacts the citizenry. At a time when guidance, purpose and cultural identity would help mitigate the excesses of clueless atheist hedonism, Europeans are offered the uncertainly of a cultureless statist behemoth over which they have very little, if any, influence. "

Of course, they won't have the luxury of dissolving their culture into a warm goo of dissolution. Nobody has the spine to stop the coming of the Islamofascists. I wonder why nobody can see it coming. Europe, as in the Weimar era, cavorts in a warm sea of self indulgence while the storm gathers to wash away their comfortable existance.

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