Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Prosper update

So I've been lax about checking my portfolio. Things have actually improved. The weighted ROI of 6.4% is below where I should be but not terrible. I would have done better in the stock market but only marginally better in a fixed income product. Indeed, given the 18 month average duration of this, it is slightly better than I could have gotten in a CD. Still, without the 12% expected return, I don't expect to be investing more at all.

Portfolio Performance
Avg Interest Rate (unweighted): 16.24%
Avg Interest Rate (weighted): 15.52%
Experian Estimated ROI: 12.05%
EricsCC Estimated ROI¹: 6.37%
Avg Loan Age: 348 days

Avg Credit Grade (unweighted): C+
Avg Credit Grade (weighted): B-

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