Monday, October 08, 2007

This could save your life. The best wrist mounted blood pressure monitor.

I am surprised that so many people don't know what their blood pressure is. High blood pressure is one of the predictive factors for...just about everything as we get older. Having a home blood pressure monitor can give you peace of mind by keeping an eye on your pipes without having to call the plumber, so to speak.

I recently bought this little tiny Panasonic blood pressure monitor. it's about six ounces and you wear it on your wrist. The red thing in back is the wrist cuff. You put it on, press the button, and in about 20 seconds a red, yellow or green LED lights up that tells you whether you are in trouble or not. It's completely foolproof. You can also look back at the last few results and compare against your average. Not a whole lot of features, but it is simple and excellent and actually works well. I would put this up against any device with 101 mediocre functions any day.

I discovered that I was prehypertensive, using this device. I was able to deal with the problem because I found out about it. Now if I could just come up with a solution to measure hematocrit at home...

The last time I went in to have my blood taken I measured the home unit against the one in the clinic. It was virtually dead accurate.

It's about 50 bucks here at Amazon. It comes with a plastic travel case, the whole thing fits in the palm of your hand. I have looked at many of these, this one is the only one I would consider buying. Get one, it could save your life, it probably saved mine.

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